Our Approach to Education

CIVA offers students one of the most dynamic peer cultures in the Pikes Peak region. Student life at CIVA is different than a traditional high school. At CIVA we create a culture that encourages each student to overcome perceived limitations and to learn how to become comfortable with who you are. We assist each student in developing knowledge of what his/her unique potential is. Coupled with this, we help students to live up to their academic potential, develop artisanship through the performing arts, music and visual arts, as well as developing discipline and determination via our athletic programs.

Students often comment that CIVA is a place where students actually support one another and that our peer culture is healthy and lively. We rely upon a principle called Brother's Keeper, which means that each student is responsible for supporting one another. We help each other achieve our best when we are willing to encourage and hold each other accountable. This requires a lot of maturity and self-awareness and the benefits are incredible.

To assist each student in becoming a good citizen, we ask each student to volunteer in the community to help them learn the pleasure and responsibility of giving back to society. Each student is required to do 35 hours of service learning each year in order to graduate.

Through the leadership of our students we ensure that students are encouraged to achieve their best academically, athletically and artistically.

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