About Civa

CIVA Charter High School is a tuition-free, public high school in Colorado Springs. CIVA's small class sizes and supportive, family-like atmosphere provide a one-of-a-kind experience where teachers know students by name, and where students respect and care for one another.

The strong culture of character and respect at CIVA is one that is unmatched by most traditional public high schools.

CIVA Offers:

  • A Variety of Arts Electives
  • Sports and Extra-curriculars
  • College Preparation
  • Character Development

CIVA's pedagogical approach is gleaned from Quantum Learning. Quantum Learning is a brain-based research model, which has resulted in amazing improvements for our students. Quantum Learning increases student academic achievement and inspires great personal/character growth.

CIVA offers our students small personal classrooms with professional teachers who specialize in creating engaging and challenging lessons. The classrooms are small, normally 15 students in academic courses, which directly results in better student performance. Our dedication to small classrooms helps teachers to truly know the skills and abilities of the students and provides an environment for them to differentiate the curriculum for student learning needs.

Perhaps the best aspect of CIVA is the dynamic peer culture. It is the students that make CIVA such a great place to learn and develop. We believe we have the healthiest and most dynamic peer culture in Colorado Springs. Our student's warmly welcome new students into our community; they encourage one another to live up to their best regarding academics, the arts and athletics.  If you are a student looking for a comfortable place to learn, a school filled with great people, then CIVA may be the right school for you.

To inquire about enrolling at CIVA, please give us a call at 719-633-1306 to schedule a time for an interview.